Hello World! (Again)

Here I am once again writing a first blog post. Thanks to a bit of not-quite-perfect thinking, I've managed to outgrow my original blog name, so I get to do a bit of a refresh. (A refresh that goes beyond just the blog, there are some other accounts involved as well - like Flickr, more on that shortly.) Welcome to the folks who are following me over here from "Adventures in Library School" and welcome to anyone who just happened to randomly wander this way.

I'm still in the process of moving in and getting settled, but I will very shortly be off on my first Adventure in Librarianship - I'm headed to the wilds of northwestern Kansas (tornado season in Kansas is always a little wild) in a couple of hours to help set my grandmother up with high-speed internet access.

Just doing my part to help bridge the digital divide.

I'm also going to take a tour of my Mom's hometown library so pics and bloggage of that adventure should be coming fairly soon (assuming that everything goes well with the high-speed internet setup).

Now I gotta go finish packing.