Another Blog Post, Another Conference

I'm off to another library conference this morning. Internet Librarian this time, in beautiful Monterey CA. My planned sked's up online, if any of you are going and want to try and find me to say hi. This is my second trip to Internet Librarian and I've been looking forward to going back pretty much from the moment I got home last year. Having gotten back from LITA Annual not too long ago (it was also a great conference - if you want info on the talks, go check out the LITA blog), I'm reminded of the very best thing about attending conferences: the people. Sure there are some great sessions to attend and I've always come home having learned bunches. And sure, you (hopefully) get to hang out in a cool city (Denver and Monterey both qualify as neat places to hang out). But to be perfectly honest, I think I could ignore the sessions and spend all my time indoors and still have a great conference experience if it meant I could hang out with the other conference attendees. I'm pretty sure that others have mentioned this already, but I tend to learn just as much in conversations between sessions and over meals (or over drinks in a local pub) as I do in the sessions.

LITA Annual also gave me the opportunity to re-connect with some folks. I ran into a friend and former library school classmate who I hadn't talked to in close to two years (and Maggie, if you're reading this, it was great to see you). I also got an e-mail from another friend and former classmate who saw my last blog post letting me know that she'll be at Internet Librarian and we're planning to meet up. Now, I know that Libraryland is a relatively small world, but still, how cool is that?