It's October, so it must be conference season....

After spending most of the summer trapped in the Tucson heat ((And since we had an unusually humid summer this year, also The Sticky. UGH!)) I'm on the road for quite a bit of the month of October. Denver Skyline I'm in Denver right now, waiting for the beginning of the LITA National Forum, and since I don't see anything of major interest on the schedule until about 3 this afternoon, I'm contemplating running off to spend a few hours at one of my favorite Denver hangouts ((But which one? The Botanic Gardens? The Natural History Museum? The Tattered Cover?)). Or I may take advantage of the fact that I've got a quiet hotel room and an internet connection and get those photos from my late May trip to Estes Park sorted and posted to Flickr ((Mom's have been up for months, after all.)). I'd like to get those up, because I'm heading back to Estes Park immediately after Forum (may actually skip the closing keynote so I can get outta town before the madness that is Sunday professional sports can descend upon downtown Denver), and I'm not sure I want any more of a backlog of Rocky Mountain National Park photos than I already have.

This is the first LITA Forum I've been to, and I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been to a lot of conferences, but I've been to enough to know I like the smaller ones (the big ALA conferences are just too big for my taste). It looks like an interesting mix of programming this year ((Which I will not be blogging - that takes more energy than I'm interested in devoting. Maybe I'll do some sort of photo essay in Flickr instead.)), and I'm looking forward to seeing the friends I only seem to get to see at conferences, and to meeting some new folks.

And after I get back to Tucson after LITA and my side trip to the mountains, I think I only have two weeks before I'm off to Monterey for Internet Librarian. Last year, Internet Librarian was a blast, so I'm glad to be heading back again this year. So October is promising to be hectic, but in a good way.